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The tools needed to take off the door panel include a small flathead screwdriver, a plastic automotive panel removal tool or a large flathead screwdriver, a Torx T20 and a Torx T25 star bit screwdrivers. The OEM door speaker is held in place by Torx T-25 screws. Plastic Screw Cover Removed: Pry Off Handle Trim Cover: Trim Panel Removed. I had to remove dome light bulbs. Rear Hatch Panel Removal . Jump to Latest Follow. It's actually pretty easy to remove the panel , I removed mine when I put on my second hatch light. I first removed the screws on ... 2012 Ford Flex Rear Power Hatch Pull Down Motor 8A8T-14B673-AD. $249.99. ... 2009-2011 FORD.

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